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Commercial Office Cleaning

No one wants to work in a dirty environment. That’s why outsourcing your office cleaning responsibilities to an experienced service provider like Valley Cleaning is critical. Are you inviting clients or business associates to your office? Having clean work spaces, clean bathrooms, shiny floors and ultra clean carpets not only provide a great environment to work in and interact with customers, but it cuts down on health risks by reducing the opportunities for disease and bacteria to spread.


Protecting valuable office equipment

One of the causes of computer breakdowns is the accumulation of dust in and around that equipment. Regular dusting can help prevent costly breakdowns and repairs to your valuable office equipment.

Commercial office cleaning and disinfecting strategies can help reduce the spread of germs and harmful bacteria that reside on many computer keyboards. This can also help in the fight against sickness and reduce absenteeism.


Restroom Cleaning

At Valley Cleaning we have over twenty five years experience in providing top quality janitorial services. Having your restrooms professionally cleaned and sanitized provides a healthy environment that is free of germs and odor causing bacteria. We believe that the cleanliness of your restrooms deserves the same attention as your reception area, workspaces or conference rooms.


Complete Carpet and Flooring Care Services

Let Valley Cleaning design a program for all your flooring needs. We offer carpet cleaning as part of our regular maintenance programs as well as periodic deep cleaning. Our aim is to keep your floors looking their best. Our floor care plans include regular maintenance programs, commercial floor cleaning as well as stripping, waxing, floor buffing and burnishing, cleaning and polishing. So whether it is carpeted or tiled areas of your business, Valley Cleaning can offer you the perfect solution to meet your needs.


Window Cleaning

Unlike many other local cleaning companies, Valley Cleaning offers window cleaning as part of our regular maintenance programs. We work hard to provide your office with streak and spot free windows when we complete our work. Any miscellaneous debris or bug marks on the windows are removed, leaving you and your office staff with a crystal clear view.

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